Computrainer Indoor Training

During the winter months when the road conditions and darkness force you indoors you can still get in quality training sessions. Ascent Performance Lab will offer a variety of coach led computrainer classes for those wanting to take indoor training to the next level.

We utilize a science based approach to assist athletes of all abilities to attain their fitness goals. For those new to the Computrainer system, it is a precision ergometer measuring wattage, heart rate and cadence. It enables the cyclist to become stronger and more efficient, improve power and speed and learn how to properly train to improve performance, technique and fitness.

We have classes for beginner, intermediate and racing cyclists! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I have to be ‘fit’ to attend a session?

A. The great thing about the Computrainer system is that it caters for the individual rider. Even though you are doing the same session as the rest of the group, you are riding at your level, so you can be a beginner level rider and get as much benefit as an elite rider.

Q. What if I don’t have my own bike but would like to participate?

A. If you don’t have access to a bike we have one available to borrow at the Performance Lab. Please call in advance to book.

Q. Why do I need a smooth training tire?

A. The benefits of a training tire such as the Continental Home Trainer is that they don’t slip on the roller, they last longer than a conventional tire and they typically hold a more constant tyre pressure over a longer period of time. They also help preserve the life of the computrainer.

Q. Can I use a mountain or a road bike?

A. Yes you can. Both fit on the computrainers. You can even use a handcycle.

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