Post-Concussion and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Concussions are injuries that need to be treated seriously. Your physio will provide treatment and management to reduce symptoms of headache and neck/back pain, dizziness, imbalance and blurry vision that result from head injuries. Acute treatment of a concussion will start with an assessment by a qualified physiotherapist and treatment, including education and creation of a structured plan to return to activities of life and sport. Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound as well as decreased ability to concentrate.

In post-concussion syndromes, symptoms are similar but continue to persist beyond typical timeframes. Treatment may include vestibular treatment for balance disturbances, visual re-training. Additionally, your physical therapist will develop a plan of care for a safe transition back to school, work and play. Exercises, education and creation of management strategies to control symptom onset, and introduction of appropriate aerobic training techniques.

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