Ascent Physical Therapy is excited to announce that we will be working in conjunction with Shayla Roberts to offer physio supervised Healthy Heart Cardiac Rehab.

Shayla Roberts, BHK, CSCS, is joining Ascent Physio to offer one-on-one strength and conditioning and Heart Healthy group sessions. Shayla joins Ascent after eight years with the Bow Valley Primary Care Network, where she ran the Canmore Active Living program at the Canmore Hospital.

Our Healthy Heart group exercise sessions help our clients:
-recover from cardiac events and help graded exercise for those at risk of cardiac events
-Have a safe environment to progress exercises with compromised health
-improve metabolic health including weight loss and type 2 diabetes
-rehabilitation following musculoskeletal or organ/general surgeries and injuries
-Guided exercise post COVID infections for long haul covid clients

Physicians referral to this program is required.  Clients need:
-Par Med X completed or ParQ A completed to attend.

Program Details:
-Our program for acute clients will involve a 3 Month. program in person 2x per week with additional information sessions either in person or on line as needed.
-In conjunction with Shayla, Shane Munro (PT) will be helping with supervising the program allowing the cost to be covered by most insurance programs
-Post the acute rehab phase we will offer a maintenance program for those that want to continue working supervised through a program.
-This service is not covered by Alberta health but will likely be covered by extended health insurance depending on the plan.

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