Yoga is an ancient system of health that enables you to use your body, mind and breath together to lengthen, strengthen and release, promoting overall health and well-being.  Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) is a newly emerging specialized form of Yoga Therapy. It is the practice of yoga in rehabilitation and wellness settings by a licensed health care professional who has graduated from the Professional Yoga Therapy (PYT) program. A professional yoga therapist’s medical background gives them expertise that makes them the ideal practitioner to teach and apply yoga therapeutically to complex patient populations.

Physio Yoga is a form of MTY that provides you with all the benefits of a regular physiotherapy treatment, plus the powerful addition of a more holistic approach – addressing the ‘bigger picture’ of recovery from injury, illness and chronic pain through the use of yoga principles and postures. It starts with a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment and also considers factors such as posture, breathing patterns, sleep issues, stress management, psycho-emotional issues and nutrition. A holistic treatment plan for Physio Yoga treatments is created and referral to appropriate colleagues are made. Yoga postures are used as an integral part of your assessment, treatment and home program.  This type of therapy is great for problems such as back and neck pain, orthopaedic/sports injuries, whiplash, concussion, headaches, TMD (jaw pain), chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Physio Yoga treatments always empower you to fully participate in your own recovery and long term health.

Lisa Pearson is currently studying MTY/Physio Yoga and enjoys treating people of all ages, activity levels and yoga experience at Ascent Physical Therapy in Canmore.  


Lisa Pearson

Lisa Pearson

Physical Therapist, BSc (Physiotherapy), MSc (Sports Science), FCAMT, CAFCI, CGIMS

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